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Tyler's Trees

“Fog and Ivy”, photograph by Tyler Lewis
Published on the cover of the Society for Conservation Biology 2007

Over 200 Blue Spruce Seedling Trees were distributed at Tyler’s memorial service to family and friends. Attached are photographs of some of these trees and where they now call home.

To have your picture posted, please send a picture to info@tylerlewis.ca

Tyler’s Trees planted far and wide


Sandy Cove

Seedling overlooking Sandy Cove, Harrison Hot Springs. April 1st 2013. Planted by Tyler’s Mom Lynn and her friend Jenny Larsen. (Seedling in Lower Foreground)

Tyler’s mom Lynn and her close friend Laura hiked up to Sandy Cove to check on Tyler’s mom and dad’s tree September 12th. They found it quite happy in its new home overlooking Harrison Lake.

Lynn and Naoko Ellis (friend and foundation grant advisor) “hiked” up to visit the tree on February 8, 2014. New branches and blue/green color show how well it is doing!

Sandy Cove 1Sandy Cove 220140208_142127

Glenwood Elementary

Carissa Keenan, a good friend of Tyler’s since high school, took her tree to her grade 1 & 2 class at Glenwood Elementary in Maple Ridge. Using Tyler’s story and the tree Carissa is teaching her students to love and care for our environment. They planted Tyler’s tree in their school garden. In this way Carissa is contributing to Tyler’s legacy.

Glenwood Elementary

Grouse Mountain

Sona Kazemi and Amin Aziznia planted their blue spruce on Grouse Mountain in memory of their dear friend Tyler.

Grouse Mountain

Linderman Lake

Fahimeh and Hooman Yazdanpunah planted their tree at the start of the Linderman Lake Hike in Chilliwack. Friends Amin, Sona and Maziar also from CHBE (Chemical Biological Engineering) UBC accompanied them.

Linderman Lake

Rainbow Falls

Close family friends Jamie and Spencer Loughlin took their tree up to Rainbow Falls on Harrison Lake to plant it. The two families spent countless hours water skiing, windsurfing and just enjoying each other’s company at the lake.

Rainbow Falls

Brandywine Mountain

Several members of the UBC Varsity Outdoor Club (of which Tyler was an active member) planted their tree June 1st 2013. They did a back-country trip to Brandywine mountain and planted Tyler’s tree next to a dead tree. The location has an amazing view of Black Tusk, a place Tyler loved. The tree is planted where the summer and winter trails meet, a hundred meters before the beautiful Brandywine meadow. The picture with the tele ski was taken to honor Tyler’s tele-skiing ability.

Sarah’s Balcony

Tyler’s tree planted on his cousin Sarah’s balcony in Calgary. She thinks of Tyler daily when she goes out to sit in the sun.

Lynn & Graham’s Yard

Three of Tyler’s trees are planted in Lynn and Graham’s yard, one in among Tyler’s “fog and ivy trees”, one behind the smoke house near the Alouette River that runs through the yard, and the third across the river next to the stump of tree that was taken down by Graham and Tyler last year.